06 November 2011

First Post

Now I'm not a blogger, and I'm not sure how to be one.  Either way, here's my attempt to start and jump on this bandwagon.
I love too many things, who doesn't?  
Right  now my passions are:
  • Arting (Zentangle, art journaling, collages, painting, etc)
  • Beauty stuff (which would include art, since that's beautiful right?) nail polish, makeup, that sort of girly-girl thing
  • Owls, they're just everywhere right now!
  • WLS related info and the like (1 year Nov 1st, w00t!!)
So there you have it.  Not much to begin with, but it's a start right?

And one of the main reasons to kick start was the Diva's 200k mark!

Go and enter all you fellow tanglers!  Or wait, don't - i want to win  ;o)


i am the diva said...



good luck, and which product do you mean when you say brag book?

ranza said...

The Zentangle Wallet :o)

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