30 January 2012

Sketchbook Project...

I finally got my sketchbook to what I would call "finished."
Here are my favorite pages.  I hate my scanner, so I'll post the official scans from the professionals later.

It wouldn't be reflective of me if I didn't draw an owl (with some purple of course).
Fun on old foreign language book pages.
A little ode to Zentangle with a different doodle in each one... hard to do!
A two page piece on more book pages with words I hope aren't too offensive.

My favorite..  I think this would be amazing as a stamp!

19 January 2012

Canvas Create - January 2012

Here's my finished piece for January's installment of Donna Downey's Canvas Create class - not too bad if I do say so myself  :o)

14 January 2012

Signed up ..

So I just signed up (paid for) 2 classes...
One is a workshop by Nathalie:
...who is also hosting this wonderful project too..

The second is a monthly project/class by Donna Downey:

06 January 2012

To further the UIU theme....

Belated Project Zentangle pieces

So late last year I took at class with Wendy www.letsgotangle.com a class called "Project Zentangle"
It was a little bit of the Zentangle 5 book.. with some variations (to use a Zentangle phrase).
We made some magents:

And I made a double-sided pendant:

And then last night I made this with some Shrinky Dink plastic Wendy gave us (I topped it with some glossy accents...cuz shiny is always good...heh):

01 January 2012

Use It Up! (UIU)

I am going to do my best to update on this monthly.  It's a great idea..
Now that I've organized a bunch, I should be able to find everything..  I think  ;o)

Happy Birthday 2012!

Well I started out well today, organized and cleaned up, long overdue.
I also took a quiz and it say's I'm an ISTJ  (I've never taken one of these personality tests before).
I am Eeyore...