22 November 2011

I've been a busy bee~~

More craft fair preparations

6x6 Canvas

12x12 Canvas

5x7 *updated* Canvas Panel

5x7 Canvas Panel

4x4 Canvas (view 1)

view 2 - yay for molding paste!  

5x7 Canvas Panel (view 1)

view 2 pumice aka sand

view 3 pebbles and crushed shells too!
4x4 canvas (it says liberate your heart)

another updated panel

13 November 2011

Getting ready for the Craft Fair...

Canvas panel 5x7

Canvas 8x8
Canvas panel 5x7

Canvas 10x10

09 November 2011

Sigh of relief!!!

Ahh the sweet sound of television..  I know pathetic, huh?
I really only half pay attention most of the time, but I totally miss the background noise when it's not glowing.

And on another note of relief for this evening.. SQUIRREL is gone!

Yes this afternoon I get a phone call saying there's a squirrel in the condo and it's been there all day.  The Verizon (rude dude) guy came in the midst of the chaos and soon left saying "I can't work in these conditions."  And he was no help anyway, he disassembled everything and left it that way. When I got home and plugged everything back in, things work a bit.  So after chatting for the 5th time with Verizon, w00t! 

Oh yah, back to the squirrel... 
So after boxes were shuffled around the living room, into the kitchen, then back to the living room - the squirrel ended up not even being there.
He was hiding under my new bookshelf!  After getting him out of there, and running around the place, he finally ended up in the bedroom (ick).
We cornered him and the only way he had to go was OUT!  
Open window meet squirrel, play nice and be done!


06 November 2011

First Post

Now I'm not a blogger, and I'm not sure how to be one.  Either way, here's my attempt to start and jump on this bandwagon.
I love too many things, who doesn't?  
Right  now my passions are:
  • Arting (Zentangle, art journaling, collages, painting, etc)
  • Beauty stuff (which would include art, since that's beautiful right?) nail polish, makeup, that sort of girly-girl thing
  • Owls, they're just everywhere right now!
  • WLS related info and the like (1 year Nov 1st, w00t!!)
So there you have it.  Not much to begin with, but it's a start right?

And one of the main reasons to kick start was the Diva's 200k mark!

Go and enter all you fellow tanglers!  Or wait, don't - i want to win  ;o)