09 September 2012

Latest ZIA

Made this after learning the technique from Suzanne Binnie at the CZT gathering this past Saturday.
I had a ton of fun and will post more when I'm more awake tomorrow.

12 August 2012

Off to class!

With butterflies and an inevitable headache, I am heading here: http://www.hotelprovidence.com/
To get my name on this: CZT List

I will probably tweet some pics or if I am feeling adventurous I might even do a post!

Wish me luck!!   :o)

05 August 2012

Well hello again...

I've been pretty lazy lately, I'll blame it on the heat (and not just because I'm lazy in general.. nooo).
But the past few days I've been tangling like crazy to prepare for my CZT seminar next week (actually 7 days from right now is check-in at the hotel... EEEK!).
I am pretty scared, excited, and nervous to say the least.  I don't normally do anything with out having someone I know with me for one, never mind going to another state and staying with a random person in a hotel room for two nights. 
So if any one needs any Zentangle supplies you can come to me after next week!  ;o)

Here are some of my latest, and they are pretty great too, if I do say so myself... heh heh
These are from my Strathmore Visual Journal (5.5 x 8in):

Tangles used: Prestwood, Paradox, Hypnotic, Arc Flower, Strircles, Tipple, and a new one by Bren I saw on Ustream that I think she said she is going to name Rings.

Here is another one that I made by tracing two Zentangle tiles and had them overlap in the middle. Tangles used in the left one are: Tripoli, Flukes, Meer, a tangleation of Knightsbridge + Strircles, Ixorus, and Tipple. On the right I used Opus (the one on the bottom - the one on the top I made up and don't have a name for yet), Arc Flower, Onomato, a variation of Footlites, and another grid one I made up that looks like Florz with a grid.

And here we have my latest on an official Zentangle tile (which are 3.5x3.5in):
Tangles used: Crescent Moon, Coaster, Yincut (one of my favorite tangles), Chillon, Drupe, and Tipple.

Oh and one last Zentangle related thing - my thanks for registering letter was hand lettered by the amazing Maria Thomas (one of the founders of Zentangle).  It was raining unfortunately so the ink smudged in a couple places, but I still am in love with this lettering!
Okay maybe it was me drooling and I imagined the rain part, HAHA kidding! ;o)

Well that's all for now folks, I will update sooner than I have before, I promise!  

04 June 2012

Show and Tell time...

Okay, maybe mostly just show.   ;o)
Here are some things  I've done lately....

I just learned a new-to-me technique and did these two canvases with it:
6 in x 6 in

Here are the cute sides  :o)

4 in x 4 in (no cute sides on this one)

This one is just fun with stamps on a colorful paper background...

6 in x 6 in

Here again the sides are done - this time with stamps!

And here we have one of my few attempts at an ATC...

And last, but not least I made 2 of these.  One was for mom for Mother's Day and then once she showed it off at work one of her co-workers wanted one too!

17 February 2012

Card for mom

While watching Kerri make a card for her Mom, I decided to try one too....

Front (scrapbook paper)