16 February 2012

Cut and Color...

Let me preface, I have always loved L'Oreal's Feria hair color.  When I saw the commercials (yes, sometimes I do actually pay attention) for their new Midnight Collection my interest was piqued.  When the word "violet" was intertwined with the word black - I was in love. 
My hair is naturally a dark brown... these pictures were taken last weekend:
This is air dried weird curly-wavy-ness

Here's the link with the official swatch...  L'Oreal Feria M32
So I took my box of fun-smelly-hair goop and went at it.Here is a work-in-progress picture..
I could totally rock a pixie cut, no?
And here is the hot mess I was left with...
What the WHAT?! 

Umm... First off my hair was DARKER BEFORE this "black" hair dye.
Next, violet?? NOT AT ALL.. believe me, I am a purple expert.  This was maroon at best.

I am so unhappy.. But now as I search, I see others have had the same problem.

Boo to you L'Oreal!  Guess next time I'll stick to the last foamy John Frieda Black color.

I'm sure though the next purpley black hair dye that comes out I'll try inevitably.  I'm a sucker like that.

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